The Ramshackle Goddess

Posted By: sona | Posted on: 17 Nov 2018

Employer: Mount Productions
Union: non-Union
Type: Web/Interactive
Location: Newburgh NY pointer
Duration: 3 weeks, starts 9/11/14
More Info:
Apply to: Anthony Cona
Created: 9 Sep 2014, Expires: 29 Sep 2014
User id: 1337521
Payment is on an unpaid basis.
Director: Kristina Amerkanian. The Ramshackle Goddess is one of the more popular stores along Venice Beach in
California. They get tourists and loyal customers that love the store and all the odd things they have. Most of the workers also love the shop and love working at it. The central theme will be based off of their love for their job but that it is not always easy working there. It will also show how comical retail can be and will be relatable to any type of inner job relationships.
The series will start off with everyone being introduced on payday. It will allow for all
characters to show a glimpse of what they are about and what they will be doing with their
paycheck. Sinead will want it for a concert, Ned for computer soft wear, Cameron for his
daughter, etc. After the introduction, each day will hold different workers of the store. It will
show their relationships with each other as well as their lives outside the store.

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