Crazy Hacking 2k13

From: 07-09-2013 09:00AM | till: 07-09-2013 05:00PM
Venue: Vignan Institutions:Hyderabad Vignan Hills, Deshmukhi Mandal, Bhoodhan Pochampally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India -

We at CrazyHead Solutions are proud to present before you the largest ever hacking workshop of its kind in the City of Destiny starring Mr. Ankit Fadia himself on the 18th of August, 2013.

Wait, who?

25+ countries. 70000 students. 30000 professionals. Over 1000 talks. One of eight people named MTV India`s Youth Icon of the Year (2008). Global Ambassador for Cyber Security. A Stanford University Graduate. The list goes on. For those who don`t already know this youth icon, Ankit Fadia is the name and ethical hacking is his game.
Spoofing, email hacking and phishing are stuff that are randomly thrown about in every other hacking workshop out there. So what`s really new?

Enter the Ankit Fadia factor.

Mr. Ankit Fadia will be bringing his A game to the table, dealing out tips, tricks and techniques from his extensive repertoire of skills. There`s something always new out there for everyone (including the old wizards of the trade), secret stuff you`re not going to find anywhere else.

So, excited? Pumped? Thrilled? Ready to learn new and exciting stuff from India`s no.1 hacker (we`re not kidding, Google it) himself?

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