Grey Shack

From: 05-08-2013 08:30PM | till: 05-09-2013 10:00PM
Venue: Hard Rock Cafe: 40 St Marks Road, Bangalore, 560001, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560001

Like most bands that started in college, Grey Shack`s first ever `gig` was a city wide competition organized by The Unwind Center in Chennai, way back in September 2007. We were two weeks old then and we happened to win that competition. Ever since, we knew we had something good going on and for the next two years, Grey Shack took the country by storm by winning a lot of competitions, including placing second at Strawberry Fields 08 in Bangalore. Five years, including a two year sabbatical and a few line-up changes later (we`ll get to that some other time), we are now ready to release our debut album titled Step Outside.
Step Outside is the result of a musical journey for the past five years, of performing and not performing, meeting new people, being inspired by the people around us, academic obligations, performing with different musicians, learning every step of the way. Step Outside is a rock n roll record, characterized by overdriven guitars, bluesy overtones, a powerful rhythm section, strong vocals and harmonies. The album is very urban-centric, since most of the songs are about our experiences as students, as professionals, as people, living in the city of Chennai. The songs celebrate, or simply take a dig at people, like ex girlfriends, women (yes we celebrate women), politicians, landlords and even long bike rides on the highway. And as the album name suggests, it is about going beyond our mundane existence as city folk, and that there is a world out there, waiting to be experienced.
Note: It is absolutely imperative that you turn up your speakers.
Grey Shack is
 Rohan Sen - The Vocalist
 Vikram Vivekanand - The Guitarist
 Madhav Ravindranath - The Bassist
 Vinay Ramakrishnan - The Drummer

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