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Sonam Kapoor says she will never be her dads shadow

13 Mar 2017 | Source: TNN (Views: 219)

Sonam Kapoor has always held a strong opinion and never shied away from making bold statements on whatever she believes in. At a recent interview with a leading daily, the 31-year-old actress spoke about how she never was her dad’s shadow and will never be. Kick your business into high gear. GoDaddy The SKODA Octavia at EMIs starting ₹ 21,999/- SKODA Octavia Recommended By Colombia Sonam Kapoor takes a dig at Ram Gopal Varma for his rant against Tiger Shroff Sonam claimed that she is quite a headstrong person and she had decided long ago not to be influenced by her father’s name. However, she also added that she was lucky to have a dad like Anil who gave her the time and space to grow and respected the choices she made. She stated that she was aware of her family background, the influence they held and that she is proud to be a part of this family. The ’Neerja’ actress finally concluded by saying that though people always told her that she was born with a silver spoon, she corrected them saying it’s golden. And the actress is very proud of it.

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