Kriti Sanon Bareilly Ki Barfi a milestone in my career

08 Sep 2017 | Source: TNN (Views: 1793)

After scoring a box-office hit with ’Bareilly Ki Barfi’, Kriti Sanon was spotted holidaying in Spain with her team. Looking fresh as a daisy on a summer noon Kriti sat for an exclusive interaction with, where she talked about turning her shoot into an impromptu holiday, to the exciting projects coming her way while sipping on her hot cup of coffee. There are few films in an actor’s career that acts as a turning point and paves way for an exciting career graph, ask her if she would call her recently released ’Bareilly Ki Barfi’ a milestone and she said, "Definitely I would (call it a milestone). I feel every film that you do is almost like a stepping stone. You do try to do something different and you do try to learn something from every project you are a part of." Order now. Cash on delivery available with free shipping! Watches House 4 BHK, duplex & villas starting @ Rs.2.70 cr* Tata Housing - Primanti Recommended By Colombia "There are certain films which define your career in a way where you step out of your normal zone and do something different which then is accepted by the audience and by the reviewers and everyone around, you do feel confident to do more of such projects. To do something more experimental and not just contain yourself in one zone," she added. The gorgeous lass also spilled the beans on how she is now being approached for a diverse range of characters to play on-screen. "Yes after ’Bareilly Ki Barfi’ is being accepted and after my work, as Bitti is appreciated, which was a new thing for me as this whole world was very new for me, I feel much more confident to take up different kinds of opportunities. Also, the opportunities coming my way now are way more interesting and exciting and varied in terms of only one kind of a zone. So people can now see me in a different kind of a light." LATEST COMMENT it succeeded cz of rajkumar rao’s & ayusman khurana’s acting. sanon had little to No imapact with her dumb acting Thumbs SEE ALL COMMENTSADD COMMENT Kriti Sanon is being announced as the brand ambassador for Education in New Zealand. While she has acquired a BTech degree, the actress says she would love to pursue a filmmaking course overseas. "I haven’t had a professional degree in filmmaking and I think sometimes experiences do teach you a lot but sometimes the theoretical part of it is something you are not aware of and when you do a course, you become more aware. At some point in my life, I would definitely like to take a short break and go and do like a month course somewhere. I think it also refreshes you as an actor otherwise you become monotonous in what you are doing. Education evolves you as a person." While she has given her nod to two new films, Kriti remains tight-lipped about the details of the same until an official announcement is made.

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