Alice In Wonderland - Told With Objects, Puppets, Shadows, Music & Actors!

Bored and exhausted with their routine, fast-paced lives, four people decide to make a short getaway into a world of their own make-believe. Using Lewis Carroll`s novel as a base, the performers transform themselves and the objects around them into a world of pure fantasy and nonsense. Everyday objects like stainless steel bowls and spoons, a packet of masoor dal, ice trays, clothes, childrens shoes, toys, an aquarium, sponges etc. are used to create this fantastical world -to return in the end, changed forever by imagination.The play is an attempt to take a flight of imagination, to re-understand our lives and surroundings and look at everything anew through the eyes of infinite possibilities. A deeply, hilarious comedy about discovering our own wonderlands!

Language: English/Hindi
Genre: Comedy

Theater: India Habitat Center: The Amphitheatre
Location: India, Delhi,

26 Oct 2013 07:00PM


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