Court Martial

Jawaan Ramchander of the Infantry Division, Northern Command, Indian Army, faces `Court Martial` for critically injuring his Superior Officer, Captain Kapoor and killing Kapoor`s colleague Capt. Verma in a shootout. The prosecution has a water tight case - the killer had fired from his service weapon, without warning and reason. What is more the accused pleads guilty and the witnesses Subedar Balwan Singh, Medico Capt. Gupta and the Commanding Officer Lt.Col. Rawat testify against him. Bikash Rai, the clever Defence lawyer tears the prosecution`s case to shredsbut will Ramchander be held guilty? Would the most dreaded, no-nonsense, disciplinarian presiding officer Col. Surat Singh sentence Ramchander to death?
Watch the in-camera drama of the most heart-rending Court Martial.
3000 + shows later...

Cast & Crew: Raju Singh, Rajiv Khunger, Tarosh Rao, Chintan Bhaskar, Pammi Khanna
Language: English
Genre: Drama

Director: Ashutosh Shelat
Theater: Kalasthali: Gurgaon
Location: India, Haryana,

26 Oct 2013 06:45PM


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