``Before he was the Asura king of Lanka, he was a man like any other``.
``Dasmukha`` is a recreation inspired from the events of Ramayana, showcasing the last days of the great war between the Vanaras led by Lord Ram and the Lankans under king Ravana. The play depicts events from the less heard and told side of Ravana. A never before staged angle to the greatest Indian epic ever. This Dusshera witness the human side to the greatest villain in the Indian mythology. What made Ravana more human than an Asura king? What distinguished him from an ideal lord despite might, wisdom and power ? What do the ten heads signify ? Why did Ravana choose to adopt the ten heads rather than a path to idealism ? and finally we shall ask ourselves...What makes Ravana more like us than ideal ?

Cast & Crew: Adhiraj Sharma
Language: English
Genre: Drama

Director: Vishesh Arora
Theater: Akshara Theatre
Location: India, Delhi,

27 Oct 2013 04:00PM


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