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Cast & Crew:
Lillete Dubey, Ira Dubey , Amar Talwar
Language: English
Genre: Comedy

Theater / Thirty Days In September

Thirty Days In September

Director : Lillete Dubey
Theater : L.T.G Auditorium
Location : India, Delhi,
14 Dec 2013 06:30PM
The play describes the psychological trauma of a young girl who is a victim of child sexual abuse. Mala lives in the memories of her agonizing past in which her uncle had raped her. This deters her from pursuing her love interests and none of her relationships last beyond 30 days. Her mother watches this silently and suffers in a different way. This goes on until a man works up the courage to help her out of this situation. He addresses the problem without any pity and forces both women to come to terms with their wrong doings and then correct them.
The play handles the taboo subject of incest and child sexual abuse with great sensitivity. And their actors do their bit to get the message across to the audience.

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